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The size of the package also influences the optimum choice of velocity, In turn, the greenhouse gas impacts per unit of energy vary by type of

The 10th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy,

As renewable energy, biomass may help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, dependence on the energy imports, while in the same time it can improve the added

Hefa Cheng | Ph.D. Stanford Univ.; M.S. Univ. of Oklahoma; B

The urgency of assessing the greenhouse gas budgets of hydroelectric reservoirs in China Article Full-text available Aug 2013 Yuanan Hu

Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Electricit_

recycling have the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the Harvesting sustainably at an optimum stand age will sequester more carbon in

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(e.g., transportation alternatives, recycling) (UNEP) Greenhouse Gas Abatement Costing Country sustainable, viable and optimum land use systems


An optimum scenario (i.e. municipal solid waste stream managed as: Greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced through recovery and recycling of

Seasonal greenhouse gas emissions (methane, carbon dioxide,

Recycling and Recovery indicate that >90% of the waste in place in the Temperatures for the MIC and MFC soils averaged in the optimum range during


IAI Recycling Aluminium recycling saves over 90 million tonnes of CO2 annually. Recycling avoids the direct greenhouse gas emissions associated with primar

(PDF) Optimizing the treatment and disposal of

Article in Resources Conservation and Recycling 80(1) · August 2013The recycling participation rate significantly affected all optimum scenarios

(PDF) Optimum application level of winter cover crop biomass

However, application of plant residues as green manure can increase methane In order to determine the optimum recycling ratio of biomass application that

Hao Wang | PhD | Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey,

The optimum healing temperature was determined to be 60°C at the same healing time of 8 h, whereas the optimum healing time was found to be

Greenhouse gas emission from contrasting management scenarios

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emission was monitored in three scenarios: business as usual (BAU), maximum C sequestration (MAXC) and optimum greenhouse gas

Sang Yoon Kim | PhD | Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-

However, its biomass incorporation can significantly increase greenhouse gas production potential might be controlled by selecting the optimum harvesting

(PDF) The role of composting in recycling manure nutrients

The role of composting in recycling manure nutrients Article (PDF Available)However, carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) losses and greenhouse gas (GHG)

Microalgal Biomass for Greenhouse Gas Reductions: Potential

Yen further demonstrated that optimum anaerobic digester loading rates averaged This requirement would amount to recycling manure from approximately 9,700

of waste management to the reduction of greenhouse gas

An optimum scenario (i.e. municipal solid waste stream managed as: recycling of recoverable materials, 8%; incineration of combustibles, 60%; landfilling

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greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by accumulating approximately 3.3 billion It has been reported that the optimum range of temperature is 35–40°C

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Mio. t (Scope 1+2Waste for recycling 1.3 1.4 1.7 - thereof

Estimation of Green House Gas (CO2 &CH4) Emission from MSW in

It has been reported that optimum pH for landfill gas production is near A Simple Model for Complex Waste Recycling Scenarios in Developing Economies

Wastewater recycling can multiply greenhouse gas emissions

Wastewater recycling can multiply greenhouse gas emissions Despite evidence that some wastewater treatments multiply nitrous oxide emissions, researchers say

green ict standards - ITU-T Recommendations

greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that have been optimum solution that uses all the loops of To achieve successful recycling systems, the rare

Multiobjective genetic algorithm solution to the optimum

the total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of the system during its lifetaken into account, from raw materials extraction to final disposal/recycling

White Paper: Greenhouse Gas Offsets from Recycling

White Paper: Greenhouse Gas Offsets from Recyclingconsumption of electricity purchased from the grid. Many of the GHG benefits of recycling-- particularly

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Accounting of Urban Residential

Devising policies for a low carbon city requires a careful understanding of the characteristics of urban residential lifestyle and consumption. The production

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If targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions whilst addressing the costs of recycling and disposal

Decision Analysis of Construction Waste Recycling for a

The current waste management literature lacks a comprehensive LCA of the recycling of construction materials that considers both process and supply chain-