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Low cost capillary flow meter

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primary transducer of electromagnetic flow meter

Meas., Warsaw Univ., PolandJ. StarzynskiS. WincenciakIEEEeffects in the primary transducer of electromagnetic flow meter," in Proc

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Poland, Abstract A system of columns was constructedgas flow rate as well as viscosity and surface in the literature (Couvert et al. 2004, Christi

Bioreactor process using an airlift membrane device and

A submerged, vertically-mounted membrane device, the device receiving a gas-sparged feed stock at a bottom feed inlet to provide airlift circulation of

high breakdown voltage allnas layers in InP devices by low

Pol. A (Poland), vol. 82, No. 5, pp. 1. A method of growing a device on an InP substratein the arsine gas flow and by using a mass


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temperature measurement in thermo-anemometric flowmeter

of accuracy of biofuel temperature measurement in thermo-anemometric flowmeterResearch Institute for Automation and Measurements PIAP, Warsaw, PolandMaciej

modelling and analysing of gas flow field in

gas flow field in tubes packed randomly with rotameter measurements and the bed average free 44/52, 01-224 Warszaw, PolandD. Ziółkowski

Advancement in Development of Graphene Flow Sensors-

Warsaw Poland {finowski,wwiniarski,opetruk,rszewczyk, oginko,ktrzcinkaThe flowmeter demonstrator is an independent measuring device. It uses the

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gas flow rate; a flow rate of about 150 SCCMceramic foam device, Energy 33 (2008) 1407-1416Poland, he joined in 1982 the State University


Poland PRUEFEN PMK-NO-03-35 H130823049419BRECO NG10 S120918041503Marzocchi 1PD6.7GAS 102865227FLOW METER SLM3-G-ILK-M18-AB 0,1-3 L/MIN

the excitation coil of an electromagnetic flowmeter

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