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KGaA, Weinheim Boosted Oxygen Reduction Reaction b) The measurement of the water adhesion on electrodes in air. The

Novel Zero-Heat-Flux Deep Body Temperature Measurement in

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Catalyst and production process thereof, and chlorine

2008520-A catalyst has high activity and is suitable for use in producing chlorine by oxidizing hydrogen chloride with oxygen. The catalyst includes

Method of, and apparatus for, measuring the flow rate of a gas

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A Comparison of the Air-Sea Interaction Flux Measurement

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A carbon dioxide stripping model for mammalian cell culture

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Biosensor and method for producing the same

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Sensors And Measurement |

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Methods and apparatus for generating heat and electrical

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Electronic sensors built on nanostructured cerium oxide films

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System and method for automatically purifying solvents

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Resist pattern forming method, substrate processing method,

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