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Gas Dependence of the Effective Area of a Piston Gauge

Measurements of the Gas Dependence of the Effective Area of a Piston Gauge Using H2, 3He, 4He, N2, CO2 and SF6Measurements of the Gas Dependence of

Intraocular gas dynamics after 20-gauge and 23-gauge

METHODS: A consecutive series of 290 eyes that experienced 20-gauge or 23-gauge vitrectomy with 25% sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) gas tamponade were

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Gas-insulated electric device

A gas-insulated electric device comprising an electric conductor disposed in a sealed vessel filled with an insulating gas, the conductor being supported by

Network manageable advanced gas sensor apparatus and method

Mechanical, electronic, algorithmic, and computer network facets are combined to create a highly integrated advanced gas sensor. A sensor is integrated into

Transmission and distribution

gas storage tank, a second self sealing joint and a contact point pressure gauge; and the portable SF6 gas recovery device can realize the SF6 gas

Comparison Of Small Gauge Macular Hole Repair Using Sulfur

hole closurewith the use of either gas suggesting that macular hole closurewith small gauge vitrectomy and SF6 gas tamponade is a viablealternative to C3F8

Gas insulated switchgear

A gas insulated switchgear has: circuit breakers, circuit breaker vessels, first disconnector and maintenance earthning switches connected to first bus bars

A new low-temperature high-aspect-ratio MEMS process using

Etch temperature is critical in high-density The SF6 gas flow is set to 130 sccm during It has four devices: two Pirani gauge pressure

measurement of partial discharge current pulses in SF6

Typical frequency spectrum of negative corona in SF6, 2 bar gauge pressure.Electromagnetic techniques for fault and partial discharge location in gas-

Gas insulation transformer

A gas insulation transformer, in the tank of which transformer an apparatus including an iron core and a coil is received and a gas is filled as an

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Measurements of the Gas Dependence of the Effective Area of a Piston Gauge Using H2, 3He, 4He, N2, CO2 and SF6Measurements of the Gas Dependence of

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25-Gauge pars plana vitrectomy and sf6 gas for the repair of primary inferior rhegmatogenous retinal detachment. Retina. 2016;36(6):1064-9

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>SF6 Gas Density Monitors: Special solutions to meet the highest demands for operational safety and reliability have been developed by ENERGIE for the power

Vibration resisting pointer SF6 gas density relay with

The utility model relates to a motion arm shockproof type dial SF6 gas density relay, comprising a casing, and a base, a cassette mechanism, a C-

Eksploatacja styczników z gasiwem SF6 w ukadzie silnika a

The part of the enclosure containing the active parts of the poles is filled with SF6 gas at a gauge pressure of 2.5 bars. Presented are the

2015 - GIS defect simulating device

a partial discharge free boosting transformer arranged in the GIS chamber, an SF6 gas charging/discharging unit, a gas gauge, and an SF6 gas detection

Cable branch joint sulfur hexafluoride air cell density

SF6 density monitor; the data collection and collating unit comprises a datadensity gauge two times each day; the density history record of one to