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Gas analysis - Handling of calibration gases and Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, (applicable only for extractive monitors)7 motor


which performed stan- dard IRS calibration (rampA more reliable measure of gas-phase metallicity,Romania during years 2002-2004 were analyzed for

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ROAN: A calibration unit for a meteor camera

) AB(ICHB, Sos. Mihai Bravu Nr.428 Sec. 3,Bucuresti, Romania) AC(detectors, stress test of the components and the calibration in the

Water Treaders of Romania and Adjacent Countries and Their

Water Treaders of Romania and Adjacent Countries and Their Phylogenetic Molecular dating based on fossil calibration indicated that the crown age of

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gas and oil goods inspection and controls servicescalibration Documentation review i.e Technical Romania Russia Samoa Saudi Arabia Scotland Senegal

Robust camera calibration of soccer video using genetic

Robust camera calibration of soccer video using genetic algorithmIntelligent Computer Communication and Processing, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, pp

of subfossil trunks: Case studies of northeastern Romania

201523-Bronze Age reported in other areas of Romania (cf. Howard et al., 2004(Bronk Ramsey et al., 2006) and the IntCal09 calibration curve (Rei

SWAT model calibration over Cloud infrastructures using the

SWAT model calibration over Cloud infrastructures using the BigEarth platform University of Cluj-Napoca, Cluj-Napoca, Memorandumului 28, Romania

inhabiting the saline Lake Red located in Sovata, Romania-

saline Lake Red located in Sovata, RomaniaAndrea (Demergasso et al. 2004, 2008; Jiang et al.calibration curves.The concentration of total

Magnetic susceptibility calibration and lithological

Magnetic susceptibility calibration and lithological classification of the lake sediments from the Black Sea littoral zone (Romania): natural and anthropogeni

Anamaria Negrulescu; Viorica Patrulea; Manuela M. Mincea;

south-east part of Romania, multi-floral Kaufland from Poland, and multiThe calibration curves obtained from the relation between glucose concentration

Abstract 15182: Calibration and Feedback of Speckle Strain

medicine, Univ of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila, Bucharest, Romania feedback from a calibration exercise would reduce the variability among

the "Subvolcanic Zone" of the Eastern Carpathians (Romania)

INTRUSIVE MAGMATISM (ROMANIA) 183 modal composition are given in the Appendixas at- mospheric Ar were used for control and calibration of analy- ses

Computer-controlled system for ISEs automatic calibration

For Na+-SE calibration, the supporting electrolyte France) was used to monitor (via EI) the pHorated in the frame of French–Romanian

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Calibration Tests , Container Inspection / Surveys Electrical / Gas / Petroleum / Fire / Romania, UK / United Kingdom , Ireland,

ISO 6145-6-2017 Gas analysis. Preparation of calibration

Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey calibration gas mixturesISO 7504, Gas analysis — VocabularyISO 9300,

Time-dependent humidity calibration for drift corrections in

calibration characteristics of SnO 2 gas sensors for different reducing gases.Box MG-7, 76900 Bucharest-Magurele, RomaniaA VancuNational Institute of

and distribution of radon in the Cacica salt mine, Romania

201141-gas measurement that were performed for ten days, mine (Romania) using a portable radon monitor.the competence of testing and calibrat


Romania digital salinity bridge (Traceable Calibration Control Company, Friendswood, TX, USA) (Salinity Laboratory Staff, 1954; Soil Survey Staff, 2004)

Sensing based on the motion of enzyme-modified nanorods

Centre of Biodynamics, 1B Intrarea Portocalelor, 060101 Bucharest, RomaniaThe oxidase-modified nanorods and their calibration curves were finally used


, M Mirea (National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering, Romania)calibration of the instrumentation used in the absolute measurements, was a

J. Chem. Thermodynamics

Gas chromatographic analyses of the cycloalkanes were also per- formed and calibration system Digital Precision Thermometer with PT 100 sensor (Romanian

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consistently monitor how your team is going calibration is in fact able to communicate with (NBA, NFL), heavy industries (oil, gas,

Camera Measurements Supported by Photometric Calibration

Symposium on Signals Circuits and Systems (ISSCS), Iasi, Romania (July calibration and environment integration," in [Computer Vision Systems],

Calibration of a Debt-Service-to-Income Limit in Romania-

This Technical Note discusses calibration of a debt-service-to-income (DSTI) limit in Romania. The recent pickup in credit in Romania

Multipole Traps as Tools in Environmental Studies

Romania 3 University of Bucharest, Faculty of gases, according to the IPCC WGI 4-th Calibrations with laboratory-generated aerosol