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Verfahren und System zur Regelung der Temperatur eines Abgas

In one embodiment, the sensor (62A, 62B) is a heated exhaust gas oxygen sensor (HEGO) and the method includes a step of controlling a built-in

,HEGO Heated Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor,

Heated Oxygen Sensor: Dynamic Ceramic manufacture and supply oxygen sensors. We manufacture the Technox� 802 Zirconia Oxygen Sensor.

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Exhaust gas temperature determination and oxygen sensor

A method and apparatus determine exhaust gas temperature and control the heater of a heated exhaust gas oxygen sensor. Heater failures are diagnosed based

Heated electrolyte exhaust gas sensor and method of making it

A readily manufacturable heated solid electrolyte oxygen responsive exhaust gas sensor. An elongated heater is insulatingly supported in subassembly with a


It may also be referred to as the H2O2 for Heated Oxygen Sensor because it has an internal heater

temperature of a heated exhaust gas oxygen sensor in an

Pat. No. 5,605,040 entitled "Inferring Temperature of a Heated Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor". Claims: What is claimed is: 1. A method for estimating

Oxygen sensor improvement method

A method for improving the performance of a galvanic fuel cell type oxygen sensor comprises providing a pressure equalization port leading to the interior

Linear air/fuel sensor

A method and apparatus for linearly determining the air/fuel ratio of an internal combustion engine by measuring the oxygen concentration of the exhaust

Trimode gas detection instrument - Monitoring air pollution

A trimode gas detection instrument having three operating modes, one which monitors the level of combustible gases, a second which monitors oxygen, and a

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MGD Gas supply calor gas heaters portable fire space, greenhouse and propane or butane gas patio heaters

zur Ermittlung ihrer Fehlfunktion Heated oxygen sensor

Beheizte Sauerstoffabgassensorgruppe und Verfahren zur Ermittlung ihrer Fehlfunktion Heated oxygen sensor exhaust group and procedures for determining their

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ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A heated resistive type sensor (20) for detecting the oxygen content in an exhaust gas is connected to an electronic control

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Oxygen concentration sensor for heated gaseous mixture

A sensor mainly intended for use in an engine exhaust system and constituted of a hollow and bottomless cylinder of a solid oxygen-ion electrolyte such

as detectors in homes heated with gas, in coalber tip to give a ?ber-optic oxygen sensor. for alcohols can be small, simple, and portable

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4-3-3 No rear knock sensor signal. 4-3-5 Front heated oxygen sensor – slow response. 4-3-6 Rear heated oxygen sensor compensation. 4-4-3 Cataly


Heated solid electrolyte oxygen sensor having unique heater elementprovides a greater reference oxygen gas source to the reference electrode of